Coaches Corner

The Club Coaches are

  • Bron Hill – Chief Coach
  • Dave Johnson
  • Angela Roberts
  • David Jones
  • Lynne Parry
  • Julie Love
  • Julia Korn
  • Liz Gunby
  • Helen Teasdale
  • Nigel Smith
  • Joanna Marsh-Smith
  • Monica Leung
  • Kate Bardsley

CRB form now called DBS


Please print and pass to Deiniol Harries & he will organise completion for you.


Please can you make sure that ALL registers are filled in for ALL sessions. It is firstly a matter of Health and Safety – if there was an emergency in the pool we need to know who is in the session. Also, the club has a policy where if a swimmer misses 3 consecutive sessions without giving a reason the swimmers could loose their place. If the registers are not done we have no idea if the swimmers were there or not. Glenda also uses them in her treasurer capacity.

Many thanks.


Coaching Abbreviations 

Please see a list of coaches abbreviations used when writing out programs.

Coaches abbreviations

Club I-pad

The club has purchased an I-pad. The I-pad can be used by coaches as a teaching / coaching aid, to film swimmers strokes.

Filming permission slips have been signed by parents, as part of the swimmer application pack. When filming obvious child safety issues should be considered. if you need guidance please Ask the Chief Coach or Child Welfare officer.