General Info

CNC is a small, friendly, inclusive swimming club providing training for competitive swimmers of all ages and abilities – from junior skill development level through to performance level at Welsh national events. It is a “grass roots” club that does not “teach” children to swim but rather is trying to identify swimmers with potential to train and encourage. Our swimmers compete individually and as part of a team.

The purpose of a swimming club as opposed to simply having lessons is to take part in Competitive Swimming both as part of a team and as an individual. Being a member of a swimming club offers tremendous opportunities for young people to develop and improve their swimming technique as their bodies grow and mature. At the same time they will greatly improve fitness, learn to cope with competitive challenges, build up confidence as well as trying to achieve their full potential as athletes.

Caernarfon Swimming Club is not here to “teach” children to swim but rather a “grass roots” club that is trying to identify swimmers with potential to train and encourage.

About the Club:

Caernarfon Swimming Club has been going for approx. 20 years and is run by interested parents, on a voluntary basis. We have sessions on Sunday, Tuesday and Friday and in partnership with Gwynedd Council and Eryri and Bangor swimming clubs run sessions within the Swim Gwynedd Performance Centre. This is for children that want to do more training than the club can provide.

As mentioned above the club is run by volunteers “parents in the main” who do a variety of jobs such as coach on poolside, time keep at galas, fund raise, sell club swimwear, attend committee meetings etc. We try to encourage ALL parents to become involved in the swimming club, this means that the swimmers feel supported in what they do and more hands make lighter work :). There are various courses arranged so parents don”t feel they “can’t” because they “don’t know how”. After all, it is a club not just for the swimmers but for all the family, without the commitment from parents the club would cease to run.

The aim of the club is to encourage competitive swimming amongst its members. To this end we compete in various team gala events. Swimmers are chosen by the coaches for these events. We expect every member who is chosen to represent the club to make every effort to attend.

We also expect swimmers to enter “individual” galas on a regular basis. These range for ones suitable for the new/beginner swimmer to the more elite swimmers. They are as near as Bangor but can be as far away as Swansea/Sheffield. It is only with competing regularly that swimmers will reach their full potential as an athlete and a person. After all a child would not join a football club and then say they didn”t want to play in any matches, or similarly join a gymnastics club and not enter any competitions. General information and team lists for galas is displayed on the notice board as well as emailed out to all members.

We expect members to turn up regularly to sessions. This is really important as swimmers will not improve or reach their full potential if sessions are continuously missed.

Membership/session payments:

Membership is paid on an annual basis and runs from April to March. The club is affiliated with Swim Wales who provide the insurance and this cost is included in the membership cost.

Session payments are termly/in advance. A payment form is sent out at the beginning of each term, which should be returned to the treasurer – by the date shown.

Club Clothing:

We have a comprehensive range of club swimwear and accessories at very reasonable prices, so there is no need to worry about what/where to buy stuff.

If your child is interested in joining us please leave your name and telephone number at Arfon Leisure Centre for the attention of Monica. 

How we operate

The club meets 4 times per week, allowing up to 6 hours of pool time for our top swimmers. The Club is closely associated with Swim Gwynedd Performance Centre giving our better swimmers access to more pool time and the chance to be part of the Counties Elite Squad. 

The Club operates on a ‘achievement / ability basis’, rewarding swimmers with different coloured swim caps to show progress.  We start with white caps through to Black Caps for Elite Swimmers

Club Sessions are 



5.30 -7.00 Purple Squad (3 lanes)


6.00 – 8.00 for Purple Squad

6.00 – 7.00

7.00 – 8.00

Sunday – Beginners (small pool) 5.00

5.00 – 5.40


Land Training – 5.30 – 6.00

Pool time 6.10 – 7.10

Land Training – 6.00 – 7.00 Purple squad

Pool time 7.10 – 8.10 Purple squad