Swimmers Corner

Butterfly Skate Drill

Wanted to show the video (link below) to the last session club swimmers on Sunday but could not get connected to the internet. We tried this drill but it would have been much better if the swimmers could have seen the video first. So, have attached for them to watch. Hope it works.

Butterfly Skate Drill

Land training skipping ropes
There are still seniors who either forget their skipping rope or still haven’t purchased one and for those that do bring theirs  they feel disappointed that they can not skip in the session – could you ask them to bring a skipping rope to each session from this Sunday.

Land Training Rota

Please find attached list of parent helpers. Please can you email Heulwen Richards – I have cc’d her in separately so you have her email address – if you can’t do any of the sessions you are down for.

Parents names for Land training Sep to Dec 2015

Swimmers Diary – New Term 

At the start of next term, the club will introduce a ‘Swimmers Diary’. This will consist of the attached form and a Video (using club IPad) of your stroke on either a 100 IM or 200 IM (age/ ability dependent).
The results from the ‘form and Video’ can be used as a basis for swimmers development during the term.
The aim is to repeat this at the start of every term, to see improvements in technique. also to start the swimmers thinking about each aspect of the stroke.
This is a bit of fun and the video will be available to purchase later as a keep sake.

The following down loads contain information to help you understand your training.

Disqualification Sheet

General training tips

training points

Nutrition for swimmers

 Program – Short cuts – List of abbreviations used by coaches

Coaches abbreviations

Crib Sheet – used by senior swimmers, fill in, print and laminate bring to all pool sessions

Guidance notes for filling in crib sheet   Copy of Target Sheet Blank

Crib sheet blank

Use the Equivalent Times Converter tool to convert Long Course times to Short Course, and visa versa.

Land training home work sheets

Home work log   land training homework